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For Family and friends

When a friend or love one is involved in an abusive relationship it can really pull on the strength of your relationship. You may find she is pulling away and making accuses for his behaviours and / or actions. You may see a her go from an outgoing, confident person to someone who is becoming distant, insecure and unable to make decisions.

As a friend or family member you may want to just jump in and tell her everything you see.  She may even confide in you every once in a while when he has done something really irratic or hurtful.  We are here for you to help you explore your hurt, anger, and sadness around these emotions.  We can also help you develop safety strategies and ways to support her during these times.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Tell her you are worried about her and you are always here for her
  • Understand she will go from being determined to leave to going back many times before she finally leaves
  • The abusive person will try to manipulate and/or threaten her and/or sometimes her family / friends.
  • Become informed about what shelters can do for her without her having to live in the shelter.
  • Never say she “will NEVER leave or she doesn't have any willpower”.  Putdowns will only allow the abuser to isolate her more
  • Allow her to talk when she is ready.

The best thing to do is just “listen”.  You can inform her of a counsellor to allow her to seek help / information about the relationship issues and/or shelter counsellor to further explore options.

Call us for assistance 905-387-9959 or crisis line 905-387-8881
or check out these websites:

http://www.shelternet.ca for more information

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