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Steps to Safety is a campaign that everyone can be a part of. By purchasing a stone with the name of your family, company or a loved one, it is showing that women are not alone in making that vital next step. 

Sometimes the first step to safety is the hardest, and by helping purchase a stone, you are showing your support to services that are incredibly needed in our communities. Stones are limited, with various sizes and locations. Please support us today by filling out the donation form below and including the name that is to appear on the stone.

$500 – 12” x 12” Prime Location - 80 stones available 
$400 – 12” x 12” Sub-Prime Location - 50 stones available

Max 6 lines, 21 uppercase letters including spaces and punctuation

$200 – 8” x 8” - 1500 stones available
Max 4 lines, 18 uppercase characters including spaces and punctuation
$125 – 4” x 8” - 300 stones available
Max 2 lines, 18 uppercase characters including spaces and punctuation

Call 905-387-9959 and ask for  Alyssa, Events Coordinator ext 232 or Jodi, Admin Clerk ext 245