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Interval House of Hamilton and its Women's Centre and Flamborough Women's Resource Centre are following Public Health guidelines to keep its staff and clients safe during the current pandemic. [READ MORE]



Executive Director

The Executive Director is an employee of Interval House of Hamilton and implements, directs and executes the Board of Director’s annual business plan. She also ensures that the vision, mission and values of Interval House of Hamilton are fully embraced in all its work. The Executive Director is the community spokesperson for the agency and is responsible for the agency, including, but not limited to: financial sustainability and reporting, program and service delivery and all human resource issues.  
If you wish to contact the Executive Director, please call:

905-387-9959 ext. 235 • info@intervalhousehamilton.org


Director of Programs and Services 

The Director of Programs and Services reports to the Executive Director. Her duties include all matters of programming and the services of the organization.

905-387-9959 ext. 222 staylor@intervalhousehamilton.org 

Director of Finance and Operations 

The Director of Finance and Operations reports to the Executive Director. Her duties include all matters of finance, and building operations.

905-387-9959 ext. 233 dirfop@intervalhousehamilton.org for payables email accounting@intervalhousehamilton.org

Manager of Residential Services

The Manager of Residential Services reports to the Executive Director and ensures that all policy and procedure and the shelter program development needs are addressed. She is responsible for the day to day operations of the shelter.  This includes, but is not limited to: hiring, supervising all frontline staff, child and youth staff, cook / housekeeping staff, writing program reports and community networking.

 905-387-9959 ext. 223 rkowalchyk@intervalhousehamilton.org

Manager of Community Services

The Manager of Community Services reports to the Executive Director and is responsible for the day to day operations of all community / outreach programs including:  the design, implementation and evaluation of our “Stages of Change” community and in-house counselling programs. This position ensures our work is responsive, innovative and evaluated.

 905-522-0127 ext 204 lritchie@intervalhousehamilton.org

Event / Volunteer Coordinator

The Events / Volunteer Coordinator works to meet the fundraising and volunteer needs of the organization.

 905-387-9959 ext 232 eventcoord@intervalhousehamilton.org


Cook/Housekeeping reports to the Manager of Residential Services and works to meet the needs of the women and children of the organization.

 905-387-9959 ext. 228

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

The Receptionist/Administrative Assistant reports to the Director of Finance and Operations and assists in ensuring that the day to day administration needs of all programs are met. The Receptionist/Administrative Assistant is the first voice of contact with the community.

905-387-9959 or email: info@intervalhousehamilton.org

Child and Youth Counsellors

The Child and Youth Counsellors report to the Manager of Residential Services and are responsible for all the in-house parent and child programming. In addition, they provide public education to schools and agencies about teen violence and parenting and offer telephone support and advocacy to women living in the community.

905-387-9959 ext. 224 info@intervalhousehamilton.org

Residential Frontline Counsellors

The Residential Frontline Counsellors report to the Manger of Residential Services and are responsible for monitoring the crisis telephone line and all residential services, including, but not limited to: intake, case management, in-house counselling (individual and group), and networking with agencies and services to connect women with support services (housing, financial, courts, etc.).

905-387-9959 ext. 225 info@intervalhousehamilton.org

Legal Advocate

The Legal Advocate reports to the Manager of Community Services and is responsible for assisting women with the legal system by providing information and support on: a woman’s legal rights, how to find a lawyer, how to navigate through the legal system (criminal, family, immigration), and Legal Aid. In addition, the Legal Advocate can accompany a woman to any legal service (police, courts, victim’s services, etc.). The Legal Advocate is not a lawyer or para-legal and does not give out legal advice.

905-522-0127 ext. 207 lac@intervalhousehamilton.org

Community Transitional Support Worker

The Community Transitional Support Worker reports to the Manager of Community Services and provides outreach services to women living in the community who need information on local services and support navigating systems. She also provides safety planning and advocacy for women.

905-522-0127 ext 202 or 905-387-9959 ext. 234 outreach@intervalhousehamilton.org

Counselling Programs

Our counselling programs and women's groups are located in the community and are managed by the Manager of Community Services. They provide counselling services to women.

Women's Centre Hamilton 100 Main Street E. 905-522-0127 ext. 210

Women's Centre Flamborough 17 Main Street S. Watertown 289-895-8580 
Coordinator of Flamborough Women's Centre -  289-895-8580  coordfwrc@intervalhousehamilton.org

Board Members 

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