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Senior Abuse

Senior Abuse     


                                       Elder Abuse hotline at 1-866-299-1011.

All abusive relationships share some or all of the warning signs.  However, if you are senior/elder you are facing some unique aspects; such as your abuser may be your son/daughter, grandchild or caregiver and you may have lots of fears about  reporting them, where will you live, financial issues and living in long term  supportive homes.  You may also have mixed your finances with your childern and don't know how to untangle it. It may also be a caregiver who is abusing you and you fear losing the hellp they provide.    Whatever the situation, abuse is wrong and will not change without intervention. 

We can help you find supports and resources in the community. 

Examples of elder abuse

over-medicating a person: prescribing medication that is not needed; administering too

much medication

withholding medication: refusing to pay for a prescription; rationing or limiting the

dosage of medication

invading privacy: opening someone else’s mail or emails; accessing personal information

unlawful confinement: locking someone in a vehicle, room or building; using restraints

to keep someone in bed or in a chair!

neglecting a person’s basic needs: not providing necessary care, such as food,

clothing, shelter and health care needs

causing social isolation: refusing to allow visitors; refusing to allow someone to attend

religious or social gatherings

preventing an older adult from practicing a faith: refusing to allow someone to

attend religious services; removing personal property associated with someone’s faith

fraudulently gaining access to a person’s money: theft; stealing personal banking

information; coercing a person to open a joint bank account; receiving payment for repair

work that has not been done

misusing funds: spending money that belongs to someone else; coercing someone to

make a financial decision; where there is a power of attorney, not spending money

according to the donor’s values and needs; selling property for financial gain

donations, saying it was a waste of her money.

physical assault: hitting; slapping; pushing; using unnecessary force

non-consensual sexual contact: forcing someone to participate in sexual activity or

making inappropriate sexual comments.

threats of harm: saying or doing something that causes fear

harassment: intimidating or threatening someone; bullying; degrading comments

For a complete Guide on Elderly Abuse and your Rights click here https://intervalhousehamilton.org/uploads/files/Practical_Guide_English_Rev_JULY_2011.pdf 

For Community Resources including; Advocacy Centre for the elderly and the Public Guardian Office contact click here: https://intervalhousehamilton.org/uploads/files/Elderly%20Community%20Resource%20list.pdf 

If you wish to speak with Front Line Shelter Counsellor please call
905-387-8881 (Crisis Line) or to make an appointment call 905-387-9959 or
at the Women Centre of Hamilton 905-522-0127
or if you live in Flamborough call us at 289-895-8580.

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