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Same Sex/LBGT Abuse


All abuse in relationships share many and/or all of the same warning signs.  However,  in same-sex and  trans community there are some very aspect that are unique.  One of the aspects that is different is the homo/trans phobia that exist both within the LGBTQ community and within the larger society.  The existence of hatrelad and social isolation impacts subtlely and overtly in the LGBTQ community.  the  Another unique aspect is the small community and the issues of your social friend connection is also your pote  ntial dating connection.Finally,  many LGBTQ members are getting married and adopting children and so leaving poses different concerns than in the heterosexual community.   The issue of LGBTQ abuse has been in the closet for too long.  This community, like all communities, is notl immune from this issue..

See GLBTQ abuse video: 


However, there are some VERY significant differences:

  1. Homophobia and Transphobia
    • Created by a social beliefs that Lesbians, Gays, Trans and Bisexuals are not equal and full members of society and the indoctrination of exclusive heterosexuality.
  2. Isolation from Family, Friends and Co-workers
    • Due to fear of homophobia and hatred and loss of relationships and jobs
  3. Internalized Heterosexist Beliefs
    • Make the person and their partner think that their relationship is bad, not valid and less than heterosexuals.
  4. The Social Belief
    • That GLBTQ do not experience abuse in partnerships and that it is only a heterosexual issue
  5. Individuals within Justice, Health & Social Services
    • Often do recognize, respond and/or understand how to assist GLBTQ members who are experiencing violence
  6. Outing
    • If one partner is “out” in there life and the other is not this may cause fear for them to reach out to services
  7. The Silence within the GLBTQ
    • Community to address the issue of abuse; thus, lack of resources and referrals.
  8. Trans Community
    • Faces additional factors including, the issues of transitioning with partner and/or establishing a new partner and the fear trans hatred/phobia
  9. The GLBTQ Community
    • Is small and many abusers and victims will share friends and a community together. It is very hard NOT to cross paths or friends again.
  10. Many “Coming Out” or “Questioning” Person
    • Will be vulnerable to a GLBTQ person who will use their knowledge, access and comfortability with the community to confuse and abuse the person.

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