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Married/Live In Abuse

Married/Live In Abuse

All abusive relationships share some or all of the same warning signs.  However, there are some unique aspects that occur in married or lived in relationships.  The financial and legal issues of being married or living together are a major issue both in staying and when leaving.  In addition, you may have children together or step-children and you will need to look at the issues impacting on them.  onsYou may have family and/or your faith community that is you love and/or is pressuring you to stay or face lossing your social/family relationships.

It is Extremely important if you are deciding to leave that you know your legal rights and responsibilities;especially as it pertains to family court and custody.  

We know how hard it is to consider your options and we know change takes time so we are hear to listen and support you through all your decisions.  Our staff have resources and skills to assist you in processing and sorting out all the options

We have legal advocates at Jared's place: 905-522-0127 that can help you learn about the legal issues of leaving.

OR If you wish to speak with Front Line Shelter Counsellor please call
905-387-8881 (Crisis Line) or to make an appointment call 905-387-9959 or
at the Women Centre of Hamilton 905-522-0127
or if you live in Flamborough call us at 289-895-8580.

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