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Counselling and Community Services

Counselling and Community Services

Community Counselling Services

The Women’s Centre of Hamilton and Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre are starting points for women living within Hamilton or within the rural areas of Hamilton. Counselling services are provided through a trauma-informed lens and designed to build on your self-efficacy and resiliency.

Individual Counselling

Women experiencing violence, abuse or human trafficking can access 12 individual counselling sessions, at no cost. Sessions are individualized, trauma-informed and goal-based. Counsellors will support you as move through your journey of healing. Throughout your sessions, your wellness and safety remain paramount.

If you are experiencing a crisis, counselor can provide 3 individual brief intervention sessions, with the goal of helping you quickly regain control. We recognize the journey of healing can feel overwhelming and we are here to help.

Employment Counselling

Whether you are looking for a new start, or are looking for your first independent career, our counsellors are ready and available to help! Interval House of Hamilton is pleased to offer the following employment-centric counselling services that will help you make a lasting impression in both the interview and as an employee:

  • Job searching skills
  • Resume writing
  • Computer skills
  • Interview skills

Our goal is to help you build economic independence and resiliency.

Peer Support

Our peer support volunteers provide confidential individual support in a safe and trusting environment for you to discuss life’s challenges. The process of healing takes time – and our peer support volunteers are here to support you.

Wellness and Recovery Groups

Wellness and recovery groups offer a safe space to meet with others and share your journey. Groups are provided in-person and online and range in session length. All groups are free of charge and offer participants a range of topics.


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