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Your Children & Pets

Your Children & Pets

Children's Programs

Children living in chronic stress due to abuse are affected in ways that are not always visable.   Over the years new reports have provided us with insights on ways to help.   The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System has provided us with valuable resource for mothers and others who would like to learn more about ways to help children. For a look at the report  click here.

Our Child and Youth workers are specialized in trauma work and are hear to provide you with both in shelter and over the phone support on parenting and youth counselling support.  Our youth workers can assist in coping with custody / access visits, child behavioural concerns, schooling / subsidized day care and referrals to childern mental health services.

Our youth workers also provide education and awareness training for schools and professionals.  

In addition we offer an empowerment / resilency activity group called the Heros Program for children exposed to domestic violence.  This program offers youth 6-12 an opportunity to learn about their strengths and abilities to confront the unique challenges that face them in their lives.  This is a group built around the child's need to explore, escape and build a strong sense of self and interspection.  The children are taken on a magical Heros quest where the children discover the journey of a hero.  All heros are dealt challenges that the ordinary person does not get challenged on thus they need to find themselves through these challenges.   We provide opportunities to particpate in story telling, art activities, group puzzle games, mask making and we challenge all the children / youth to a rock climbing adventure.  We offer this 10 week group twice a year once in the fall (September) and once in the winter (January or February).

To learn  more about the group and how to register click here.

If you want to speak to one of our Child and Youth Counsellors please call us at 387-9959 x224 



Pets count too! You don't have to leave them behind!

We recognize the connection between woman abuse and animal abuse and the importance of pet safety. Women will often delay leaving a violent situation because they fear abandoned pets may be harmed or neglected by an abusive partner.

Animals cannot stay at the shelter because of the communal living environment; some women and children may be allergic to or fearful of them.

However, you have options for your pet. There are some new programs specifically geared to help women fleeing abuse.  Let us explore with you, the options for your pet staying safe.


SPCA: First Strike Program

The First Strike's "In Trust" Program will temporarily house and care for your pets while you are in transition. However, in order to be eligible, you need a referral from a shelter worker and your pet must have up-to-date vaccinations.  If your pets do not have all the vaccinations up to date let us help find a local veterinarian who may be able to provide the service at minimal or no costs. 

Ontario Veterinarian Association's Emergency Foster Care Program
Interval House of Hamilton has connections to veterinarians in the community who will temporarily foster animals. Call us for more information.

If you wish to contact a Frontline Counsellor about your pet, please call 905-387-9959 225.


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