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How A Mother is Impacted

Parenting is no easy feat and yet everyday mothers and fathers around the world wake up to this multi-tasking adventure. A common question and one that is hard to answer — some days it can seem flawless and other times we are reminded how hard it is. In May, we honour our mothers and female caregivers in the long-standing tradition of Mother's Day, so let's talk about mothers.

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A Fathers Impact

As a father, how you influence, foster a relationship, coach, teach and all the qualities that impact children is every day, all day. Years ago some of us may remember phrases we heard like “be a man”, “wait till your father gets home”, “you’re a girl, let a man do that”, “father knows best”, “you’re the man of the house”.  These phrases had a profound influence through media and, for many, how relationships formed between parent and child.  Thankfully and with many contributing factors (research, evolution, the women’s movement, etc.) the stereotype of being a “man”, a father, a partner, shifted.  How many of us remember the time dads were not allowed in the delivery room?  The celebration of being a dad took place in the waiting rooms with family and friends.  Hospitals today must now limit the number of people in the delivery room.  Fatherhood starts right at the beginning and never stops.

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“How Dare You” a true story song written from a lived experience

“How Dare You” is a true story song. Caroline Wiles was a young adult when her live-in partner became verbally and physically abusive. "I felt embarrassed and ashamed and I didn’t disclose this to anyone which is a common reaction....."

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