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Interval House of Hamilton and its Women's Centre and Flamborough Women's Resource Centre are following Public Health guidelines to keep its staff and clients safe during the current pandemic. [READ MORE]


Interval House of Hamilton needs $28,000 for roof replacement

By Mark Newman, Hamilton Mountain News, December 14, 2020

Family of raccoons leaves $15,000 in damages

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Encore Presentation of the Hamilton Strong Virtual Variety Show

By Allyson Wenzowski, October 2020

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Hamilton-Strong Virtual Variety Show

By Allyson Wenzowski, On behalf of Interval House of Hamilton, September 16, 2020

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Interval House of Hamilton COVID-19 Emergency Fund

By Nancy Smith, Executive Director, Interval House of Hamilton, June 23, 2020

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Jump in on this fantastic fundraiser fo Hamilton's Interval House

The Hamilton Spectator Weekend Planner —13 June 2020

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Interval House of Hamilton needs your help more than ever

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Hamilton shelters bracing for surge in women, children fleeing abuse when COVID-19 ends

By Susan Clairmont, Spectator Columnist, May 6, 2020.

He said he hoped COVID-19 would kill her.

Then he wouldn’t have to do it.

This is a real story from the front lines of the domestic violence crisis building momentum in our community.

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February is time to Be More Than a Bystander

Violence against women statistics show we’re moving in the wrong direction

February is our city's Be More Than A Bystander month, a month to raise awareness of the importance of standing up and speaking out against violence against women and girls and all forms of gender-based violence. 

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Sign Up for the Season of Hope Corporate Challenge

This winter, Interval House of Hamilton (IHOH) is looking for participants to sign up for the Season of Hope Corporate Challenge in support of their emergency shelter and community programs. The Season of Hope Corporate Challenge invites companies to register their team to raise money for Hamilton women with or without children who are fleeing abuse, violence or human trafficking. This campaign aims to bring awareness to the services that Interval House of Hamilton provides throughout the year. 


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Paint the town purple: Purchase a coffee and donut in support of Interval House of Hamilton

HAMILTON, Ont. – October 11, 2019 – November is women’s abuse awareness month, and Hamiltonians and visitors can show their support by purchasing a coffee and a sweet treat from participating local businesses. From October 15-November 30, a portion of proceeds from the sale of specialty products will go towards helping Interval House of Hamilton; a local shelter that provides accommodation and support services to women who have experienced abuse or violence.

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If we want women’s issues to be a priority in this election, we’re going to need to get loud.

by Julie S. Lalonde Updated Mar 5, 2019
A woman was murdered every 2.5 days last year in Canada.This is just one of the many startling statistics contained in the first report issued by the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Justice and Accountability, an organization that was established in 2017 as a response to a call from the United Nations to monitor femicide rates around the world. The goal of this yearly report is to draw attention to the unique circumstances surrounding femicide in the hopes of preventing further violence.

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How A Mother is Impacted

Parenting is no easy feat and yet everyday mothers and fathers around the world wake up to this multi-tasking adventure. A common question and one that is hard to answer — some days it can seem flawless and other times we are reminded how hard it is. In May, we honour our mothers and female caregivers in the long-standing tradition of Mother's Day, so let's talk about mothers.

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West Mountain Women’s Shelter Hoping to Raise $175,000 in Steps To Safety Campaign

It’s a walkway that for thousands of women and many children has been a path to safety. But the bricks in the front entranceway at Interval House on the west Mountain have begun to crumble and decay. “They’re from the original build,” said Interval House executive director Nancy Smith. The west Mountain women’s shelter opened in 1998 after moving up to that location from the east end, and the non-profit organization is looking to raise $175,000 for a new walkway and other improvements through its Steps to Safety campaign that began recently.

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A Fathers Impact

As a father, how you influence, foster a relationship, coach, teach and all the qualities that impact children is every day, all day. Years ago some of us may remember phrases we heard like “be a man”, “wait till your father gets home”, “you’re a girl, let a man do that”, “father knows best”, “you’re the man of the house”.  These phrases had a profound influence through media and, for many, how relationships formed between parent and child.  Thankfully and with many contributing factors (research, evolution, the women’s movement, etc.) the stereotype of being a “man”, a father, a partner, shifted.  How many of us remember the time dads were not allowed in the delivery room?  The celebration of being a dad took place in the waiting rooms with family and friends.  Hospitals today must now limit the number of people in the delivery room.  Fatherhood starts right at the beginning and never stops.

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“How Dare You” a true story song written from a lived experience

“How Dare You” is a true story song. Caroline Wiles was a young adult when her live-in partner became verbally and physically abusive. "I felt embarrassed and ashamed and I didn’t disclose this to anyone which is a common reaction....."

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